Install the AWS Command Line Interface on Microsoft Windows

You can install the AWS CLI on Windows with a standalone installer or pip, a package manager for Python.

We will be using the MSI Installer
The AWS CLI is supported on Microsoft Windows XP or later. For Windows users, the MSI installation package offers a familiar and convenient way to install the AWS CLI without installing any other prerequisites.
When updates are released, you must repeat the installation process to get the latest version of the AWS CLI. If you prefer to update frequently, consider using pip for easier updates.
To install the AWS CLI using the MSI installer

Download the appropriate MSI installer.
Download the AWS CLI MSI installer for Windows (64-bit)
Download the AWS CLI MSI installer for Windows (32-bit)

Note: The MSI installer for the AWS CLI does not work with Windows Server 2008 (version 6.0.6002). Use pip to install with this version of Windows.

Run the downloaded MSI installer and follow the instructions that appear.
The CLI installs to C:\Program Files\Amazon\AWSCLI (64-bit) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Amazon\AWSCLI(32-bit) by default. To confirm the installation, use the aws –version command at a command prompt (open the START menu and search for “cmd” if you’re not sure where the command prompt is installed).
> aws –version
aws-cli/1.11.84 Python/3.5.2 Windows/7 botocore/1.5.47

Don’t include the prompt symbol (‘>’ above) when you type a command. These are included in program listings to differentiate commands that you type from output returned by the CLI. The rest of this guide uses the generic prompt symbol ‘$’ except in cases where a command is Windows-specific.
If Windows is unable to find the executable, you may need to re-open the command prompt or add the installation directory to your PATH environment variable manually.
Updating an MSI Installation

The AWS CLI is updated regularly. Check out the Releases page on GitHub to see when the latest version was released. To update to the latest version, download and run the MSI installer again as detailed above.