How to work with AWS CLI (Command Line-Interface)

STEP 1: First for windows, download the installer and install

Verify if this is correctly installed by running this command below.

> aws –version
aws-cli/1.11.84 Python/3.5.2 Windows/7 botocore/1.5.47

Configure the AWS CLI
Use the commands below to configure AWS CLI, you will be prompted for security credentials in order to proceed.

    – Click on EC2 dashboard
    – Navigate to your name and select your security credential

This step depends on your AWS version: go to your name and use the drop down
    – Select security credential
    – click on the dashboard
    – And use the drop-down button on rotate your access key
     – Select manage your access-keys
     – click on security credentials
      and click on create Access key

Type: command to activate AWS CLI
#AWS Configure
#Enter the Access key
#Enter the AWS Secret Access Key
#And enter the default AWS region name:
eg us-west-2  or eu-central-1

Managing access-keys via the CLI:

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