How to make more space available on the Windows taskbar

You pin a lot of programs to your Windows 7 (10) Taskbar and run a lot of programs at once? Between pinned programs and other programs running, your Taskbar can get crowded. There are a few ways you can reclaim the space on your Taskbar.

If you really have a lot of icons on the Taskbar, you can make the Taskbar display two rows. To do this, unlock the Taskbar by right-clicking on an empty space on it and selecting Lock the taskbar so there is no check mark next to the option.

Put your mouse cursor on the top edge of the Taskbar. The cursor should change to a double-ended arrow, as shown below.


Drag the double-ended arrow up until you get two rows on the Taskbar. It will look similar to the following image, although we don’t have enough icons on the Taskbar to fill a second row.

If you want to keep the two rows, right-click on the Taskbar again and select Lock the taskbar so there IS a check mark next to the option

NOTE: You can put the Taskbar back down to one row by dragging the double-ended arrow down until you see one row. Then, lock the taskbar again.

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