Quick Steps in Setting Up AWS VPC

Logon to AWS Console.
Select the Region where you want to host your VPC.
See all regions here 


Navigate to Services (Or Search for VPC)
– Then to Networking &Content Delivery
– To VPC 
In your VPC Window, 
– Click on create VPC
– Select your desired VPC name
– Enter the CIDR Block pick your Subnet range ( for any of the IP Classes A,B,C)
Note: Tenancy is Default

Navigate to the Subnet area
– Create a new Subnet
– Choose your created VPC
-Select the same same Subnet used when setting up the VPC.

Navigate Internet Gateway (IGW)
– Create a New One 
– Enter an IGW Name 
– Now attach it your VPC

Navigate to the routing table
– Click on Routes
– Create a new route for the Internet Connection ( and add it your VPC.

If VPN is being used, Navigate to VPN session
– Create one 
– add the Public IP from the customer Site and configure the needed routing Options.