Creating a VM (WS2016) on EXSI

Follow the following steps on ESXi to provision your server. Ensure you have the ISO image uploaded already to the datastore

- Click on the ESXi node, 
- Click on configuration
- Click on storage
- Right click on the datastore of your choice and 
- Click on browse data stores

Installing server 2016
What to note when installing WS2016. Ensure you should choose the right version of windows to install because, currently Microsoft does not provide the option to add and remove the Server GUI package to the Windows Server 2016 Server and vice versa.

Be ready to choose between the Windows Server Standard Version or Windows Standard (Desktop Experience) or Windows Server DataCenter Version or Windows Server DataCenter (Desktop Experience)

NOTE: When Windows installed you can’t go back and change the edition. Except you perform a clean installation again.

I will add some relevant YouTube links for provisioning a VM on EXSi as this is very basic.

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