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Amazon acquires a new Disaster Recovery Solution from CloudEndure

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that replicates any workload from any source infrastructure to a low-cost “staging area” (detailed below) in any target infrastructure, where an up-to-date copy of the workloads can be spun up on demand and be fully functioning in minutes.

Amazon has recently purchased anew disaster recovery solution and this service is now available in the Amazon Marketplace.
It was gathered that AWS purchased CloudEndure for an approximate sum of $250 million.

CloudEndure focuses on uptime and capable of making application replication across different cloud providers or data centers in case of a disaster (outage) at the primary Data Center or Cloud Provider.

This is currently supported already on some cloud solutions. With can move their IT infrastructure into different cloud providers through its Migration tools.


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