How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2016 and 2017 for Free

This was tested and installed in a lab MacOS and i would love to share the course and steps with you.
Note: This works on MacOs and Windows too and the version of office can be updated to Microsoft Office 2017.

Part A: The installer can be downloaded at this time from the following link

Extract the Zip file after download by simply clicking on it for Mac users and Windows user can simply use 7Zip. If this link does not work, simply request for the installer in the comment, I hope i will still find them 🙂

Click on Microsoft 2016 installer with the .pkg extension
Click next by following the prompts and select english or your desired language as shown below.
Finally click on Install. This usually takes a while.
After this step is completed, follow the next steps.

Part B: Select the Microsoft Office 2016 installer with the .dmg extension as shown below
Double click on it and this will extract a .pkg extension which we will use in activating the Microsoft Office 2016

which will prompt this window below. Click on the .pkg extension and install.
Note: This will require an Administrative Password to run it.

After this is done, you will have Office packages installed on you System.

Note: When Office first opens up, it should you a window to sign-in, kindly ignore this by skipping it.

Open Microsoft word and apply update as shown below

Click on install and the next screen below is prompted
Note: This will require your Administrators Privilege to have the Updates installed

After this is completed, a new AutoUpdate windows is opened and this will prompt you to select from any of these categories below. I will go with the Automatic Option. as shown below

This will display a list of available updates, select all and click on install as shown below.

Just follow the prompts and finish up. That is it 🙂

Source: TechTutorials EL

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