Creating a Container (CT) on Proxmox VE

Below are the steps needed to create a container on Proxmox.

Step 1: Click on create CT
Note: Ensure to choose the Node in which the CT will be placed
– Enter the Hostname,
– Enter the Password,
– Select the template and
– Choose where the container will be stored etc.
Note: Some of these parameters will be overwritten.

Step 2:
On the newly created CT,
– Click on it and edit some Network functions.
– Navigate to the Network tab and delete the MAC Add. This assigns a new MAC Address to the CT.

Step 3: Now Start the CT
You can connect to the CT using the “Embedded noVNC Console” or “Putty” or any other terminal emulator (SSH Client).

Step 4: Launch the Terminal Console (putty) to change the IP address associated with the newly created CT.

  • First, use the Command #vzlist to ensure the container created exists (Displays all available CTs).
  • Enter #vzctl enter  <vm number>
  • Now enter the command #vim /etc/network/interfaces And edit the IPv4 Adress.

Edit the Ip address and save (#:wq) and initiate the #services network restart.

– Enter a corresponding command #vim /etc/network/interfaces.tail
Then edit, save, quit as well and exit from the CT

See this for all versions and features of Proxmox

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