How to disable the sleep mode in Windows 10 to never turn off the display

disable sleep mode

Whenever a PC goes into sleep mode, this reduces power consumption and therefore turns off the display. You can return to your device by hitting any key on your keyboard or by using your mouse. Please refer to the following guides for related articles. Pre-requisites for setting up a Single and Multi App Kiosk, and how to disable the sleep mode in Windows 10 to never turn off the displaywhat is Registry Editor and how to access the registry hives and how to search through Windows Registry. The default time when a PC goes to sleep mode is set to 15 minutes.

Although it is a useful process that saves your battery and saves power loss and restricts access to your device when not in use. On the other hand, this can problematic when you are downloading a large file over the internet and the download disrupts due to loss in internet connection due to sleep mode. To mitigate this, it is better to turn off sleep mode in this way.  To have this disabled, take a look at the following steps. 

Via the control panel. Here you will edit the Power Plan as shown below.
– Launch the Control Panel
– Hardware and Sound
– Power Options\ and
– Edit Plan Settings

Windows 10
Click on Advanced power settings as shown above
- This will open the Power Option Window
- Select Never
never turn off display

Via the Settings Window. Follow the steps below to disable the sleep mode via the settings windows.
– Click on Systems
– Click on Power and Sleep and
– Select Never under the When plugged in turn off after

Note, this can also be done via the registry and group policy. If you have found other ways, kindly commend below.

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