How to install virtual machine Guest Addition

install Guest Addition

The Virtual Machine Guest Addition is a very vital component to be installed on a VM in order to enable more advanced functionalities (capabilities) of a VM.

See one of the reasons to have Virtual Machine Guest Addition installed on a VM, see

First, insert the virtual machine guest addition. Since I am demonstrating this on macOS, perform the following steps.
– Click on Device
– Click on “Insert Virtual Machine Guest Addition CD”

virtual machine

After the Virtual machine Guest addition is mapped to the VM

Guest Addition

Double click on the VBoxWindowsAddition as shown above
– This will launch the setup wizard to install the guest addition as shown below.

install Guest Addition

Decide a location to have the guest additions installed.

virtual machine

Click on next and continue through the installation


The components to install are already selected,
– Click on install

The installation process will continue and will prompt you to rebot after the installation is complete

Now reboot the VM, and this will have the VM guest additions applied to your VM.

Now, you will now be able to perform advanced functionalities such as copying between host and VM etc.

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