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Windows Admin Center: How to create a scheduled task with WAC

Windows Admin Center provides a central management platform to remotely administer servers. With WAC, we can remotely configure scheduled tasks on remote servers. On how to create a scheduled task with the in-built Windows task scheduler, see the following link. On how to create Windows Task Scheduler via the command prompt, see the following link. See the following links for “How to setup Windows Admin Center, “How to install Chocolatey” and “How to install, upgrade and uninstall software with Chocolatey“. You may also be interested in Winglet, which is also a Windows Package manager “Winglet”. See how to install Winglet and how to install applications with Winglet CLI

To create a scheduled task on Windows Admin Center, click on the server as shown below

This will open up the Windows Admin Center Server Tools as shown below

Under the server tools, search for the scheduled task as shown below
– Search for Scheduled tasks and click on it

This will open up the Scheduled tasks library as shown above
– Click on create
– Enter the rule name
– Enter a description
– Enter the command “This is the path to your PowerShell script”
– Enter and Arguments and “this is the path to your PowerShell executable”

Use the scroll bar to scroll below and populate the window.
– For the frequency, I will choose monthly
– For Trigger, the following date was selected
– Recur on Month(s); Since this is maintenance is going to be on a monthly basis, I will select all the months as shown below.
– Recur on: Month was selected
– Desired update day(s), I selected 18th after the 2nd Tuesday which is Microsoft Patch Tuesday.

Lastly, enter the following information below
– When running the task, use the following account, I selected the”Built-in”
– Choose a built-in account, here there are three options such as the
– Select the “System” account as shown below
– And click on submit.

Note: Yu can also use the MonthlyDOW, which will enable you to specify the date(s) that the task runs by month, week, and day of the week, for more information, see

This will prompt you with a windows as shown below to specify the administrator account that the your server will use in connected to the server. I entered domain user account and password as shown below.

This will validate your credentials and prompt a notification, as shown below that the Scheduled task is currently being created.

To create an exception for Windows Admin Center, see the following link. See how to create a scheduled task via Windows native tool. Now the job as been created as shown below

– Click on the job
– Under the more button as shown below,
– Click on start.

As you can see below, the status of your scheduled task will change.

That is all that needs to be configured. If you have any questions, kindly commend below for help.

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13 days ago

I did not get it to work as it is in guide
I had to switch command and argument around i pit powershell.exe to command and my script to argument.

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