Swift Publisher: Intuitive Alternative for Photoshop on Mac


Believe it or not, a sole proprietorship has a lot in common with the design industry. Performing my routine duties, I often face the necessity to create production with particular brand peculiarities. Since it is not reasonable to apply to third parties when I need to make a brochure on my Mac without Word, I was looking for the best desktop publishing software.

Luckily, I managed to find multifunctional and reliable publishing software — Swift Publisher. With its help, I can perfectly fulfill my ideas of what business cards, booklets, envelopes, and labels should look like. I must say that the program offers the best and most customizable templates I have ever tested.

At the same time, Swift Publisher is one of the best poster design apps for Mac. Overall, it offers much more than 500+ various templates, thousands of helpful images, and clipart of premium quality, so I can combine them to create an eye-catching advertising poster. Moreover, Swift Publisher is a powerful newsletter creator and offered templates and tutorials to help me a lot.

I can’t but mention the most beneficial functions of Swift Publisher – Master Pages helps to make a common background for projects and not lose time on that repeatedly.

Besides, Swift Publisher offers enormous exporting and importing capabilities. The variety of fonts, headings, tools to adjust the text and image appearance is impressive. Two-Page Spreads is perfect when I am working on booklets. Overall, I feel deeply proud when recommending this tool to others because even inexperienced users are able to make design masterpieces with it.

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