Art Text 4 where text becomes an art

The main purpose of words is to deliver a message. The message can be delivered in a beautiful way, especially when words themselves are work of art. With Art Text 4 for Mac, you can create sophisticated text effects and typography graphics for your social media, desktop publishing, web design, video production and even logo design.

Art Text 4

One of the prominent features of Art Text 4 is Spray Fill. The feature lets you fill the text shape with objects to achieve the effect of words being laid out with coffee beans for example.

text art

Similarly, Creating a 3D text with Art Text 4 is not rocket science. Thanks to an embedded 3D modeling engine, you simply type a text and watch Art Text 4 instantly create a 3D text. Nevertheless, You can easily choose textures, adjust lighting, and control various 3D options.

creative text

Nonetheless, Using distortion effects, you can change font shape beyond common typeface options. These effects will help wear out text sides, create random holes in the body, partially dim text, make font corners rounded, and many more. Consequently, Using these distortions will help to achieve ingenious typography designs.

typography design

Moreover, Some typography trends require a fake 3D effect as if the text is embossed from a surface. Shading materials of Art Text 4 achieve this very easily.

Furthermore, Art Text 4 comes with a great variety of ready-to-use and fully customizable content and offers tools to create new text styles and text effects from scratch. However, Give it a try and start creating beautiful titles and typography graphics.

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