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Google Assistance Ambient mode: What is it and how to use it


Do you know that you can use your Android phone to do some things without unlocking it? Several features have been added to most android devices to make their usage less difficult. One such awesome feature is the Google Assistance Ambient Mode. This particular feature is on so many newly produced Android phones, yet only a few people know how to navigate it. That is not so good. But not to worry, this post is aimed at introducing the features and show you a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the feature on your Android phone.

The Google Assistance Ambient Mode has been introduced into phones with the sole purpose of making the use of your Android phone more productive, especially during charge. Most of the time you don't want to unlock your phone while charging but there are some activities you would want to perform. Not to worry, the Google Assistance Ambient Mode has got you covered.

What is Google Assistance Ambient Mode?

The Google Assistance Ambient Mode is a less recognized, yet incredible feature that helps you accomplish more without unlocking your Android phone. This feature has not been known or used by so many Android phone users. Nevertheless, it is a powerful tool that can save you the stress of having to unlock your phone before accessing some key information or features. It has been available on android phones since late 2019.

Why the introduction of the Google Assistance Ambient Mode?

This feature was introduced to help people access some information without having to unlock the phone. Have you been in a situation where you wanted to check a birthday reminder or an upcoming event and you are pissed at the stress of going through your calendar? With Google Assistance Ambient Mode, you can access that information without having to draw patterns, enter passwords, or security pins to unlock your phone. The Google Assistance Ambient Mode is there to assist you.

The Services that the Google Assistance Ambient Mode can render are:

1. Upcoming events like birthdays, meetings, conferences, and so on.
2. Set an alarm.
3. To toggle your smart home lights and many more.

How to use the feature on your phone:

The Google Assistance Ambient Mode is very easy to use. You don’t have to pay anyone or do any subscription to use it. By following the following simple steps, you will be able to use the features on your phone:

1. Open the Google app on your device
3. Select the 'settings' option.
4. Locate the 'Google Assistance' and tap on it.
5. Scroll down to 'All settings'
6. Select the 'Ambient mode'
7. Toggle on the Ambient Mode slider
8. Lock your android device and plug in your charger (or rest your android device on a wireless charging device if available).
9. From the charging display, tap to see notifications while in Ambient Mode.

How to disable the Google Assistance Ambient Mode

Perhaps you are wondering how you are going to disable the Google assistance Ambient mode, don’t worry it is not meant to permanently stay on your screen. If you want to deactivate the feature, follow the simple steps below and get it disabled:

1. Go back and tap the Google app.
2. Tap on the ‘More‘ from the bottom menu bar.
3. Select Settings and tap on the Google Assistance option.
4. Scroll down to ‘All settings‘ and select the ‘Ambient Mode‘.
5. Finally, toggle the slider beside the ‘Ambient Mode‘ to deactivate it.

NOTE: You can also disable the Google Assistance Ambient Mode completely if you are no longer interested in using it.

What are the limitations of this feature?

It works only when you are charging your phone. You can refer to the activation guide above to confirm that the feature starts working when the phone is plugged into a charger (or rested on a wireless charging pad as the case may be).

The Google Assistance Ambient Mode is not available on all devices, mostly on the older versions of most brands. The minimum requirement is the Android 8 version. Therefore, a device with a lower version may likely not possess the feature. However, the latest Android phones have this awesome feature installed in them. Therefore, to enjoy this feature, you need to upgrade your android device. 

Please Note:

1. It is not compulsory to leave your phone in Ambient mode.
2. This is a Google Assistant feature that is not always needed. So you can do well to deactivate it when you do not need it.
3. The feature works only when you are charging your phone. If your phone is not plugged into a charger, it may likely not work.
4. This feature has not lasted for more than four years. The developers need your reviews to give you the best of services.
5. Share this information with your friends and colleagues to help them explore the wonderful features of their android phones.

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