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LockScreen Calendar App Helps To Easily Keep Up With Schedule

Users experience have revealed that individuals who rely on the calendar a lot, can have LockScreen Calander App installed on their smartphones as it easily helps to access one’s schedule at all time and can also be used in conjunction with the Google Calendar – It is capable of pulling users entire schedule from their Google accounts. The LockScreen Calendar app is developed to basically replace your regular lock screen with your calendar, especially if you rely on your calendar a lot, and simply need to have it easily accessible at all times, installing the app is the fastest way you can get to it.

The moment you hit the power button on your phone, this calendar will be there, waiting for you. That way you don’t have to clutter up your home screen with it or anything of the sort.
Also as per users’ experience, it can be used in conjunction with the Google Calendar as it is capable of pulling your entire schedule from your Google account(s).

"The LockScreen Calendar app helps users to easily keep up with their schedule and works in conjunction with Goggle Calendar too."

The app in addition allows users to create to-dos, and manage their entire calendar schedule. Users can as well create recurring events and even allows them to manage complex to-dos and schedules by sorting them into folders.

LockScreen Calendar App design is modern, clean, and simple to use. It works well, there are no particular issues with it, no bugs or anything of the sort.

The app also supports memos and has notification support as well. It also allows you to change the background, and manage font size. That’s not something many calendar apps allow you to do. There are several other settings you can get into as well.

LockScreen Calendar is a very capable calendar app in general, but it can sit on your lock screen. This app would be easy to recommend even without the lock screen functions, but this way it’s also unique. It is free to download on Play Store and has a good rating. 4.9 to be exact.

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