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iPadOS 15 Set To Increase RAM Limit For Apps

A report has revealed that Apple’s new operating systems (iPadOS 15, iOS 15, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15) which are about to be launched will come with newly documented entitlement that will allow app developers to request privileged access to RAM on iOS and iPadOS. The feature can be found in the previous iOS but Apple limits the amount of memory that any third-party app can use and the new cap is to ensure that any single app doesn’t use all of the iPad‘s memory.

It is said that with the iPadOS 15, developers will be able to let the operating system know that their apps may perform better if they have access to more RAM. This change from private to the public will be useful on the latest-generation iPad Pro with M1 chip, where available system RAM can reach 16 GB but the standard RAM-per-app limit is only 5 GB.

“IPadOS 15 will allow developers to increase RAM limit for cap apps.”

However, iPads with less than 5GB of RAM will likely still have the same limits as before. For example, the new iPad mini and the upgraded vanilla iPad have just 4 and 3GB in total, respectively. Apple had earlier stated that it will launch the iPad 15, iOS 15, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15 on September 20 to the market.

The upcoming iPadOS 15 will bring some new and improved features to iPads such as Live Text, Quick Note, Universal Control, SharePlay, and others.

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