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Slack Rolls Out New Clips Feature For Users To Record And Send Short Video, Audio Messages

Slack has created a new feature named Slack Clips, which is an Instagram Stories-like feature for sharing work updates. Slack Clips will allow users to send short audio and video messages on the platform. The new feature will perhaps help teams avoid trying to find a time that everyone’s available for a meeting and instead let people watch recordings when it best suits them. Slack Clips was rolled out on Tuesday to help users communicate easily with their teams across different locations and time zones. The new feature will support audio messaging, alongside video as well as screen recordings.

Slack Clips is being rolled out gradually for desktop, Android, and iOS app users on Slack’s paid subscriptions. Alongside Clips, Slack has announced a government-certified version of the platform called GovSlack and new plans to improve Slack Connect.

Slack says that anyone in a channel or direct message (DM) can play Clips, and reply in a thread with a Clip of their own. Users can record Clips of up to three minutes in length from Slack on desktop or mobile and share their screen while recording video clips from the Slack desktop app or Slack for Web.

“Slack Clips is being rolled out gradually and it will be available to all paid teams by the end of the month.”

Recipients of Clips will be able to view the videos with subtitles as well as get a transcript of the recording. To read a transcript, the recipient has to click on the three dots menu on any Clip. The recordings made in Slack will be archived with searchable transcriptions.

Slack is also trying to expanding Slack Connect to allow Slack’s Enterprise Grid customers to work with anyone on Slack, regardless of whether they’re already Slack customers. This development will allow non-subscribers to access Slack when there’s a need.

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