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Google Set To Update Features For Drivers Using Google Assistant

Google has been reported to be updating critical features for the millions of drivers who depend on its technology to help them get around. The company said that drivers using Google Assistant on Android phones will soon see a new dashboard that will reduce the need to fiddle with phones while also making sure drivers stay focused on the road. This announcement was made on Thursday and it was said to be part of goggle’s effort to make its technologies accessible universally. The new features will assist drivers who depend on Google assistant to reduce the need of fiddling with phones while also making sure they stay focused on the road.

New Google Assistant features to help drivers using Android get around while driving.

Google said that instead of scrolling drivers could tap to see who just called or sent a text and have access to several apps to listen to music with the new dashboard.

For instance, users of Android Auto, Google’s smartphone app for vehicles, via their Android phones will now be able to see music, news, and podcast recommendations from Google Assistant and they can set which app launches whenever Android Auto starts.

In addition, Android Auto users will soon be able to play games appearing on the vehicle’s display with a new feature called GameSnacks while they’re waiting or parking.

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