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Apple Acknowledges Users Complainants on iPhone 13, Set To Fix Issues In Next Update

Apple has acknowledged the issues raised by iPhone 13 users where they are unable to unlock their iPhones using the Apple Watch when wearing a face mask. The company said that the issue would be fixed in an upcoming software update and for now, users should be using a passcode to unlock their iPhone 13. This response is coming days after many users complained about iPhone 13 series not being able to support the feature that allows users to unlock their iPhones using the Apple Watch when wearing a face mask.

Apple said that they are aware of the complaints and they will be fixed in an upcoming software update. However, until then, users will have to turn off Unlock with Apple Watch and use the passcode to unlock their iPhone 13, which they can do by going to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.

Apple will fix issues on iPhone 13 in upcoming software updates.

It was observed that the bug was first reported on a Reddit thread in which a user said “So I have an Apple Watch SE and just got my today, both of which are fully up to date with the newest iOS updates. Whenever I try to unlock the Apple Watch on my phone I get an error saying “Unable to communicate with Apple Watch”.

The Reddit thread was then joined by many other iPhone users who also corroborated the same problem. Soon after that, discussions about the bug started filling forums as well. But now with Apple’s acknowledgment, the issue should be fixed soon enough.

This might not be the only issue affecting users of the recently released iPhone 13, but Apple has said to be looking into every which might be affecting its gadgets and will be fixed in the new update.

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