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iOS15 Contains Bug That Permanently Deletes Saved iPhone Photos

Series of complaints from Twitter and other platforms have revealed that there is a serious bug in the iOS 15 Messages app that can cause some saved photos to be deleted on your iPhone. If you save a photo from a Message thread and then go on to delete that thread, the next time an iCloud Backup is performed, the photo will disappear, even though the image is saved to your iCloud Photo Library.

The complaints on the new iOS 15 revealed that it appears that there is a weird bug that makes saved photos be erased permanently, even though the image is saved to the personal iCloud Photo Library, because it seems to be linked to the Messages app, and saving it does not persist through the deletion of the thread and an ‌iCloud‌ backup.

When you save a photo on your iPhone from a text messaging conversation to the camera roll, it won’t go anywhere until you decided to manually delete it. However, if you have updated your device to iOS 15, you will likely lose your photos after iCloud might have performed a backup. This can happen whether you perform a manual iCloud backup, or have it configured to back up your device automatically, as many people do.

iOS15 has a weird bug that permanently deletes save photos

The essence of this report is to create awareness for iPhone users that if you have any precious photos nestled inside text messaging threads, be careful not to delete those threads, even if you have saved those photos to your camera roll. Otherwise, you risk losing those pictures forever.

It is suspected that Apple will get around to squashing this bug, but right now it hasn’t. So, desist from deleting pictures that are valuable to you on iPhones for now.

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