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YouTube Settles Contract Dispute With NBCUniversal To Retain Subscribers

YouTube TV has settled the contract dispute it is having with NBCUniversal channels and therefore avert losing more than a dozen channels dropping from the live TV service. It is then said that it will continue to offer more than 85 networks for $64.99 to subscribers and also appreciates NBCUniversal’s efforts to work with the agreement. The news was gathered from a statement made by NBCUniversalpost last weekend that the company is thrilled to have reached a deal with YouTube TV and can continue to offer our full network portfolio, without interruption.

The statement also confirmed that YouTube TV will continue to offer more than 85 networks for $64.99 and that there will not be any drop in its subscription plan since the terms and conditions of the former agreement have been sustained.

YouTube said in a blog post that it appreciated NBCUniversal’s willingness to work toward an agreement.

YouTube TV subscribers will continue to have access to NBCUniversal as both companies agree to continue working together.

Recalled that YouTube TV told subscribers on September 28 that it would drop NBCUniversal channels – including Bravo, E!, Oxygen, CNBC, Syfy, The Golf Channel, and various NBC Sports channels – if the agreement wasn’t renewed, and the monthly price for YouTube TV would drop from $64.99 to $54.99.

NBCUniversal in turn set up a website warning fans that YouTube TV may drop its channels. A spokesperson later said the company did not want to involve its fans in the dispute, but “felt obligated to let them know what was at stake.”

The previous contract between the companies expired on September 30 but they have now agreed to a short-term extension to continue talks.

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