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Microsoft Purchases As Productivity Software Gains Importance In Era Of Remote Work

Microsoft has announced that it has acquired, a start-up that provides software to help organizations keep track of their progress on key goals. The purchase was said to be made to increase Microsoft’s productivity as more companies move to hybrid and remote workforces. However, details about the deal weren’t provided.

This was announced in a blog post which said that Microsoft has acquired to help revolutionize how organizations use technology to bring a deeper connection to work, purpose, and results in the hybrid world and added that will power a new Microsoft Viva module.

Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights – from anywhere you work.

It was further said that Microsoft will be investing to bring into the Microsoft cloud, evolve the existing integrations with Microsoft Teams, and weave into Viva, Office, Power BI, and the broader set of Microsoft 365 apps and services.

Microsoft purchases in an undisclosed deal to increase productivity software gains more relevancy in the era of virtual or remote work.’s CEO and founder, Vetri Vellore suggested the acquisition would improve Microsoft’s solutions, as well as competitor Slack’s collaboration solution, too. is the OKR software that keeps teams aligned, connected, and focused on the right outcomes while giving leaders needed visibility into the work being done, whether in-person or remote and it also provides dedicated support, company-wide training, implementation support, and program management.

It was founded in 2017 by Vetri Vellore, a former Microsoft employee. The start-up is based in Seattle, near Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, and has about 275 employees.

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