How to solve cannot find a valid base URL for repo: base/7/x86_64


I had to write this from personal experience based on the issues I had with my machine, so if you have centos7 installed on VMWare Workstation Pro, I know that at some point in time you will experience this or it has probably happened already. In this article, I will walk you through the fastest and most effective step to get your machine up and running with just two simple commands. Please check other guides and materials: setting-up-SELinux-on-a-linux-server/ and how-to-create-and-deliver-a-report-on-system-utilization-on-a-linux-based-os/, and how-to-create-a-static-pod-in-kubernetes-with-demos-that-can-help-you-become-a-better-kubernetes-administrator/ and how-to-use-container-insights-to-get-the-full-benefits-of-azure-monitor-for-azure-kubernetes-workload/

cannot find a valid baseurl for repo

So, for the first step, we have to make sure that we are logged in as root and then execute the command below

On boot

The final command is straight forward just type the command dhclient. The Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Client, dhclient, provides a means for configuring one or more network interfaces using the Dynamic Host Configuration


The next step would be to do a yum update, if it runs, and shows that it’s downloading packages then the problem has been fixed. compare the image below with the first one in this guide

yum update

The firmware was replaced as shown below

process completed

What I like about the Linux shell is that if you are attentive enough, it will either show you the next steps or will tell you when a process has been completed as shown above.


We used 2 commands to solve a well-known problem that centos7 always has especially if you are running it on VMWare workstation pro. The commands are ONBOOT=no and dhclient.

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