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Microsoft Releases New Windows 11 Update, Fixes AMD CPU Performance Issue

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 update that fixes some of the AMD CPU performance issues. This is coming after AMD and Microsoft found two issues with Windows 11 on Ryzen processors at launch, with one causing L3 cache latency to triple and slowing performance by up to 15 percent in certain games. The company has recommended that users should promptly install this update on affected systems.

Recalled that AMD and Microsoft both acknowledged that some users were seeing performance degradation when running Windows 11 on PCs with certain AMD processors. The first bug affected the L3 cache and increased latency up to three times. The second bug is related to the “preferred core” feature that allows a system to use the fastest individual CPU cores in a processor.

Microsoft has updated Windows 11 and it includes a lot of fixes.

While the last Windows 11 update made these issues worse, the newly released patch should fix them for good on the L3 cache latency side. The second outstanding issue affects AMD’s preferred core technology, which shifts threads over to the fastest core on a processor.

AMD says this second bug could impact performance on CPU-reliant tasks, and AMD has already released a new chipset driver to address it, under version

This new Windows 11 update also includes a large number of fixes, including one to solve an issue that prevents the Start menu from opening after your OS upgrade, and fixes to input delays for certain Bluetooth mice and keyboards.

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