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Micro Center Leaks Specifications and Price for new Alder Lake Core i9 CPU

U.S. retailer Micro Center has leaked the pricing for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake processors. Even though someone managed to secure early purchases of a couple of Core i9-12900K CPUs, we still didn’t have detailed information about Intel’s upcoming line of Alder Lake chips but a sale page popped up on Micro Center, suggesting that the chips will be available for $669.99 when they launch on November 4th.

According to the leak (which was later removed), Micro Center listed the Core i7-12700K for $470 and the Core i9-12900K for $670. That’s a $70 increase on the Core i7 model and a $120 increase on the Core i9. We’ve seen a few leaks related to Alder Lake pricing, some of which suggested retail prices of above $1,000 for the flagship chip. This listing confirms that the chips aren’t that expensive, though still cost more than the previous generation.

A spec sheet that was also leaked revealed that this chip will have a 3.2GHz operating frequency, capable of 5.2GHz in Turbo Mode, with 16 cores and 30MB of L3 cache. As expected, the specs reveal it also supports DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 5, and the Intel Z690 chipset motherboards that should go on sale at the same time.

Alder Lake is set to be released soon according to rumors. It might be a bit expensive than its previous generations.

Recalled that, Intel during its Architecture Day 2021 event in August, promised Alder Lake chips with 16 cores using eight performance cores and eight efficient ones. This leak lines up with the top-end promises, right down to listed support for 24 concurrent threads.

Intel hasn’t officially announced a release date for Alder Lake yet, though an increasing number of leaks suggest that the launch date is coming soon. Intel is hosting its Intel Innovation event next week, starting on October 27, so it is expected that more will be known then.

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