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Samsung Set To Adopts ‘Matter’ Support To Make Smart Home Better

Samsung will soon be adopting the Matter standard for easier installation and use of smart home products. Matter which allows for platform-agnostic smart home integration is on board on Apple and Google as well. Matter support will come to Samsung TVs, refrigerators, and other devices.

This was according to the statement made by Samsung at its developer conference. The company said that starting next year, it will integrate the Matter protocol into its products. That will include SmartThings products as well as Galaxy devices, televisions, and other household items.

Samsung didn’t disclose any particular merchandise that can undertake the platform. It additionally would solely commit to an obscure timeframe of Spring 2022. Nonetheless, that is nice information for your smart house as your shopping for selections is about to get so much less complicated.

With Samsung incorporating Matter, it joins Apple, Amazon, and Google who’re already dedicated, not less than partially.

Matter was formerly known as Project Chip, is a new connectivity standard created through an industry collaboration that aims to become the de-facto smart home application protocol. Once it goes live in early 2022, the idea is to simplify the purchase and setup of connected devices.

Samsung is adopting the integration of Matter into SmartThings, Galaxy devices, and its wider ecosystem but this will not start until early 2022.

With Matter, consumers should be able to buy any Matter-compliant smart home device and know it will work with their smart home platform and voice assistant of choice, regardless of who made it.

In addition, they should be able to set up and connect each device with the same process, using the same app, to make the whole thing as easy to do as screwing in a light bulb used to be.

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