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Google Maps Becomes The Third App To Reach 10 Billion Downloads In PlayStore

Google Maps which is one of the widely used apps from Google’s suite has just touched 10 billion downloads-mark in Google PlayStore. This has made it became the third app on Google Play Store to touch this illustrious mile after Google Play Services and YouTube. The app’s popularity was because it is a default navigation app in Android Auto. This was recorded as per Google’s PlayStore data. The number of downloads as per the data is 10 billion. It should be recalled that Google Maps crossed the 5 billion download mark in early 2019 and just took less than 3 years to earn double of it. The success could be catered to Google’s continued development of the service, by considering the feedback from the community.

Google Maps is one of the highly resourceful apps with community-added data. From pinning new places to routing, Google Maps has been extremely helpful for many in various ways and with the 10-billion milestone, it has become the third app on PlayStore after Google Play Services and YouTube to achieve this feat.

Google Maps has a lighter version known as Maps Go, which is originally meant for Android Go devices or other low-end phones. It recently crossed 500 million downloads. Thus, it’s clear that Google’s dominance in the maps business is unparalleled.

Google Maps has reached 10 billion downloads on PlayStore; becoming the third apps after Google Play Services and YouTube to achieve this feat.

With this, Google maps are no longer the standard navigation app as it has seen several enhancements over the past few years. A recent update to the app introduced a couple of eco-friendly features, including the ability to find the most fuel-efficient routes for your trips.

There is unverified news that Google Maps is testing the ability to display toll fees on users’ routes. Members of the Google Maps Preview Program were reportedly notified about this new addition to the app. However, the feature isn’t rolling out yet.

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Mike Pop
1 year ago

Google maps is definitely a competition for other navigation app. Can you please share some tips on what should I do to rank my gps navigation app.

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