Xnspy Phone Monitoring App: Better Than Most and Affordable


Have you recently suffered a business loss due to a disgruntled or greedy employee leaking your company’s secrets? Or perhaps you own a trucking or delivery service and need to keep an eye on your drivers as they go about their delivery routes. Are you simply a concerned parent who wants to keep tabs on their children remotely? If any of those statements apply to you, purchasing a mobile monitoring app could be the perfect solution. But how do you know which app to choose from the long list of options available on the market today? They all come with a myriad of different features and functionalities. They have various pricing structures and, some of them may be straight-up scams. To help you navigate the taboo world of spying apps and to save you a ton of time, we scoured the web and researched the most popular offerings on the market today.

One clear winner emerged from the dust: Xnspy. The must-have app to monitor an android phone without having it. Xnspy has a proven track record as an employee and parental monitoring app. The app comes with a comprehensive list of features and functionalities suitable for anyone, from parents to owners of large companies. Best of all, it is 100% legal in the U.S. and, you get 24/7 live customer support post-sales.



Xnspy is compatible with any prior Android version on millions of devices. It is also one of the first apps to be able to run with the new Android 11.


For Apple devices, you will not even need physical access to a phone to install it. All you would need is iCloud access. Xnspy promises to run on the latest version of iOS as well. 

Installation Process


You need to take the following steps in order to monitor an Android phone without having it. The installation of Xnspy on Android devices requires you to download and install the APK file from their website. Once installed, you will need to give the app permission to access data on the phone. After these short steps, the installation process is complete. You can now go to the website to sign in to your user dashboard and begin reviewing activity on the target phone after 24-48 hours of installation.


Similarly, for an iOS device, you would first go to the Xnpsy website and purchase a subscription. They will send you an email containing your log-in credentials. For iOS, you do not even need to download anything on the target phone. You can sign in to iCloud and, the app will create a duplicate of the data and show it to you in your dashboard.


Like I said, one of the things we liked the most about Xnspy was the affordability. You get offered a Basic and a Premium bundle. The Basic version includes limited features such as text and email monitoring. On the other hand, the Premium version will handle all your monitoring needs.  You can choose to avail a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan with the pricing down below.

  • Basic: $29.99/month, or $41.99/quarter, or $59.99/year.
  • Premium: $35.99/month, or $59.99/quarter, or $89.99/year



After purchasing and installing the app, you must wait 24-48 hours for the app to upload data from the monitored phone to your online dashboard. After that, you are free to use any of the following features:

Call Monitoring

Xnspy automatically records all calls and shows you the call log. On top of that, the app will also provide you with detailed analysis reports with time stamps and the most called phone numbers. You also have the option to set up a watchlist and set contact alerts for specific callers.  There is even an option to use the monitored phone’s microphone to record ambient sound.

IM and Text Message Monitoring

Not only does Xnspy record all text conversations, but it will also arrange them for you in an easy-to-read format. You can also set up a watchlist for words and contacts, allowing you to filter the data for the most relevant messages.

Since Instant Messaging apps have more or less replaced the more traditional SMS messages, Xnspy also has an extensive list of features for IM monitoring. Even though Whatsapp has introduced more and more encryption services, Xnspy can still monitor every activity on WhatsApp for you. It is not just limited to Whatsapp either. Xnspy can monitor messaging and app activity on other IM apps such as Facebook messenger, Tinker, Kik, and many others.


Multimedia Access

Xnspy enables you to view all pictures, videos and, other media saved on the monitored phone. That includes images from IM and text messaging apps. To use this feature on android required rooting the device, however.

Internet Browsing and Email Monitoring

You can see all emails from either the default mailbox or the Gmail app. You can also keep tabs on all browser activity, including browsing history and most visited web pages. The app even gives you wifi connection history and location. An extensive list of features and such attention to detail is why we had no trouble recommending Xnspy.

Location Tracking and Geofencing

With Xnpsy, you can monitor the location of your fleet in real-time. Similarly, parents can keep an eye on their children’s whereabouts, especially when playing outside. The real-time location tracking feature can give you peace of mind since it will constantly update you as changes happen.

The geofencing feature allows you to mark neighborhoods, restaurants, cafes, and other areas of interest on a watch list. When the monitored user gets near these areas, you will be instantly notified.

Offline Monitoring

One of our favorite features of this app is its ability to monitor data on a smartphone even when not connected to the internet. When an internet connection becomes available again, Xnspy uploads the saved information straight to your dashboard for you to see.

Remote Control (Android)

For android smartphones only, Xnspy allows you several options to remotely control the target phone. A feature that comes in handy in times of emergencies. These options include taking screenshots at any time, the ability to lock the phone, and even factory reset it if it falls into the wrong hands. Xnspy comes with a ton of similar thoughtful features, making it our favorite hidden spy app for galaxy s10 and other android phones.

Pros and Cons of Xnspy


  • Xnspy comes with a broad range of the latest spyware features such as remote commands and location tracking.
  • The app is simple and easy to install and use. The dashboard provides you with a user-friendly experience and presents you with self-explanatory options.
  • Xnspy tracks ALL phone activity. Activity may include calls, text, IMs, location, and internet browsing. With every log, Xnspy also provides time stamps and dates.
  • Real-time location tracking is dependable and very accurate. It sends quick updates to your dashboard, keeping you informed at all times.
  • Compared to other spy apps with 30+ features, Xnspy is a relatively cheap option with the basic plan starting at only $4.99 a month.
  • Apart from just SMS and calls, you can also monitor all the major social media apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, and Tinder. You have the option to view screenshots of app activity and read IM messages.
  • Xnspy has a phone app that allows you to control and access your dashboard without having a desktop computer or laptop.
  • Xnspy comes with a wide range of parently control options. You can prevent your child from downloading certain apps, visiting banned web pages, and even talking to unauthorized contacts.
  • Xnspy comes with 24/7 live post-sales customer support. The customer support team is friendly and will assist you with any issues promptly.
  • The app comes with a live demo mode on their website. If you are considering buying the app, you should go and test out its features and design. 


  • There is no free trial period.
  • The best value is the annual or quarterly payment option. The monthly payment can get expensive.
  • The app will only run on android and iOS.
  • Advanced features require jailbreak and rooting.
  • No desktop spying option
  • Partial refunds only

US Surveillance Laws

The law in the United States concerning phone monitoring is pretty straightforward. It is legal as long as the monitored party is aware and provides consent. The law only concerns employees and children over the age of 18.

The disclaimer on the Xnspy website states that the company is not responsible for the illegal use of its app. Illegal applications involve spying on someone without their knowledge, such as a boyfriend or spouse. In case of illegal activity on the app, the company states that it will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies. 

If you are considering purchasing a spy app, we can easily recommend Xnspy. Out of all the spy apps we have reviewed, no other spy app provides these features at this price point. The customer service post-sales also makes this recommendation easier for us. All in all, Xnspy is an affordable spy app that remains undetectable while providing you with a whole suite of features and functionalities.

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Jhony thompson
Jhony thompson
1 year ago

One of our favorite features of this app is its ability to monitor data on a smartphone even when not connected to the internet. So does it save a local backup image on the device? And can it be accessed through the phone’s file explorer?

Ashley Brates
Ashley Brates
1 year ago

I wonder if it can be installed on the ipad mini 2019. Anyone know?

Anna Kimberly
Anna Kimberly
1 year ago
Reply to  Ashley Brates

Yes it can be. Using it on my iPad mini and works like a charm

Ashley Brates
Ashley Brates
1 year ago
Reply to  Anna Kimberly

Okay, Anna.

Thanks for your answer. I’m surely going to try it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ashley Brates
Jenny Paul
Jenny Paul
1 year ago
Reply to  Ashley Brates

I’ve used XNSPY before but I couldn’t get the setup process complete for whatever reason. Got my refund too so might try again sometime soon.

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