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Microsoft Shuts Down Default Browser Workarounds In Latest Windows Update

Microsoft has officially blocked all default browser workarounds in the latest Windows update. This is coming after the company has termed the workaround as being improper. The action which affects Windows 10 and Windows 11 is said to be anticompetitive behavior and experts fear it might affect the usage of Microsoft’s tools.

The company’s action came into effect during the week and it wasn’t a surprise as it has announced before this time that it will block all default browser workarounds in Windows terming them as ‘improper’.

Since 2017, there is this free software EdgeDeflector which allows links to be opened in any browser such as Firefox, Mozilla, or Brave instead of Microsoft Edge. It has become more popular than making Firefox and Brave created a similar Edgeadeflector. Microsoft seems to see it as a threat; then makes the Edge Deflector stop working for Windows 11 earlier last month.

Microsoft has blocked all default browser workarounds for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

However, in its latest update this week, it was confirmed that EdgeDeflector was officially blocked. With the December update, the above block was done not only on Windows 11 but also on Windows 10. Also, Firefox and Brave, which used the same mechanism, can no longer use the Edge avoidance function.

This action taken by Microsoft has been faced with lots of criticism. However, there’s is no assurance or whatsoever that the company will change its decision.

Microsoft has created a new tool called MSEdgeRedirect which uses an entirely different method to get around Edge, but it has to run in the background to work. In contrast, Mozilla, Brave, and EdgeDefelocot didn’t need to run a background process to work. On top of that, it’s being flagged by Microsoft’s SmartScreen when you run it.

Additionally, Microsoft has made its intentions clear, so it’ll probably just block MSEdgeRedirect in the future, leaving people stuck using Edge for those specific types of links.

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