How to Reset a Snom Phone

Having had various scenarios where an existing configuration of the phone system cannot be overwritten or reconfigured. I found a simple solution to restore to factory settings and could reconfigure the telephone system and assign the right IP Address etc. to the phone.

Here are the very basic steps to have this done and this is applicable to the 3XX series. Press in the following order as shown below.

“*”, “Volume UP”, “*”, “Volume DOWN”, and then “#.”

If executed correctly, it will reboot and reset the telephone system.

Handy link: 

How to configure Jitsi as Soft Phone

Jitsi is a Secure and Simple Video Conferencing and Instant Messaging application that can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Most importantly

This is a standalone application that supports instant messaging and telephony protocols (OTR and SIP etc.).

How to Install
– Down the installer from this site
Since our area of concentration is on Windows PC simply download the MSI from this link
– Download the latest version of jitsi-latest-x64.msi  (2017 installer)
– Run the Installer

– Click on next and accept the license

Click through the setup and additionally check “Auto start when the computer restarts or reboots and continue with the installation process by clicking on next

Finally click on Install as shown below

Click on finish

This will prompt the windows security Alert window as shown below, (Simply allow the Firewall Access)

Step 2: Configuring Jitsi

– Close every other Open Window except this below

Click on Tools and Select Option
Now lets configure Jitsi to work with our telephone system

Click on Add

Select SIP under the network tab as shown below

And enter the relevant details.

Note: More on Jitsi can be found here: