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Chef – Node Bootstrapping

The Chef-Client agent runs Chef recipes on both physical and virtual servers often referred to as nodes or instances.  Associating nodes with Chef ensures the chef server installs the chef-client software on the nodes.

Note: The minimum supported version of chef-client on nodes associated with OpsWorks for ChefAutomate Server is 12.16.42. We recommend running chef-client 13.6.4.

Using knife to add or bootstrap an instance (See for supported operating systems)

Example 1: Bootstrapping an instance using knife commands. 

knife bootstrap windows winrm EnterNodeIPAddress --winrm-user Administrator --winrm-password 'enterserverpasswordhere' --node-name EnterNodeNamehere --run-list 'recipe[chef-client]'

Note: You can attach any cookbooks in place of the chef-client run-list, or have a role uploaded to the chef server which in turns have many run-list attached to the role and update the node run-list to use the newly created role. This topic will be discussed in a latter stage.

Also see if you wish to add nodes automatically

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