IaC on Azure – An introduction of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?
Infrastructure as Code is a process of managing and provisioning computing infrastructure with some declarative approach while setting their configuration using definition files instead of traditional interactive configuration tools.

What are the benefits of IaC?

  • Consistency
    • Consistently achieve standardised provisioning or deployment
  • Accelerating
    • Accelerating provisioning or deployment rapidly
  • Reusability
    • Reusable JSON code for repeatable or similar provisioning or deployment
  • Extensibility
    • Extensible JSON code for incorporating with additional items

Have any developer ever waited for weeks or months to get a development environment delivered by their internal IT operations? This demand has driven IT industry to deliver new tool set to ensure that one can deliver on time and meet the standard requirement constantly. Reference: Ryen Kia Zhi Tang

How to convert VHDX file to VHD

How to convert VHDX file to VHD

Open Powershell in admin mode and type the following command while the VM is powered is turned  off

Convert-VHD -Path “e:\folder\disk.vhdx” -DestinationPath “e:\folder\disk.vhd”

VirtualBox Displays 32 bits Option Only

If VirtualBox is only showing 32 bits versions ensure to follow these steps:

Ensure your Host OS is 64-bits
Enable virtualization in the BIOS (Ensure Intel Virtualization Technology and VT-d are both enabled in the BIOS).
The Hyper-V platform is disabled in your Windows Feature list,

i.e (check that Hyper-V is not running or even installed on my Windows. Same for VMware).