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Failure 5627: How to fix error 0x800f0805, run DISM executable

Windows Deployment Services (WDS) is a server technology from Microsoft for network-based installation of Windows operating systems while DISM is one of the deployment tools included in the Windows ADK and is used for capturing, servicing, and deploying boot images and operating system images and can both services online and offline image. Microsoft provides many tools such as the Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT), the User State Migration Tool (USMT), Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM), Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE), and Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE). Failure error 5627 can be prompted due to many reasons such as not running the right version of ADK, changes made to deployment share and was not updated to generate a new Litetouch boot image is not generated

Therefore, in order to determine what this issue really is, it is vital you take a look at the log file (BDD.log) to reveal this issue.
Failure (5627): 2146498555 0x800f0805: Run DISM

The error above occurred because I copied a Task sequence from one Deployment share to another without updating (modifying the copied task sequence) with the right install.wim file.

Below are the steps to resolve this issue.
– Expand your deployment Share
– Select if you have multiple Task sequences or right-click on your task sequence
– Select the OS info
– Click on the Edit Unattended.XML file

Next Under the Answer File
– Expand the components folder
– Expand Windows PE

– Expand amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Setup_neutral
– Expand Image install
– Expand OSImage
And ensure the path is correct to the install image (install.wim file in the sources folder).

At the end, ensure you save our Answer File
– Validate the answer File to see if there are additional errors and if there are, please resolve them and save the Answer File.
– Close all windows and start a new Windows deployment.

As you can see from the validation, there are no errors

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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