Assigning Users with the Rights to Perform Password Reset in Active Directory – Delegation

Since we will be having multiple users perform this duty, we would like to a security group to help simply user right rights assignment.

- Create a Security group (This simplifies adding individual users)
- Add users as members to this security group
- Create an OU if one does not exist before
- Right Click and Delegate this right to the OU to reset password.
- Here add the Security group created and that is all.

Certificate Request Components

Here are the most important details needed to request a certificate when not using an internal CA

  • Common name (Alias):
  • Server name:
  • IP Address
  • Domain
  • Full computer name:
  • FQDN for the primary and secondary alias e.g, xxxx.techd…com

Here you will learn how to create CSR in Apache OpenSSL, IIS, Java Keystore and by using MMC console

Other vial links to understand SSL very well

How to view Putty logs

Hold Ctrl and right-click on the PuTTY window, then select Event log. At the bottom, you will see what exactly caused the failure.