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PST File Errors

PST file errors too large
When importing or exporting a pst file and prompted with the following error as described, kindly follow these steps.

This can be achieved by reducing it with different values, i.e… if the mailbox exceeds the maximum number of large items that were specified for this request.

This happens as a result users having emails in the PST file that are larger than the Send/Receive limits in exchange.An example is when users have both send and receive limit set to over 10mb.

There is also a paramater for New-MailboxImportRequest which is -Largeitemlimit.

Note: The LargeItemLimit parameter specifies the number of large items to skip
if the request encounters such items in the mailbox. Use 0 to not skip any large items.
If any number above 50 is specified, the AcceptLargeDataLoss parameter must also be specified.
The default value is 0. We recommend that you use the default value of 0 and increase the LargeItemLimit only when large items are encountered.
so if you were to use -largeitemlimit 20 for example,
it would allow the mailbox to be imported but it would not import those larger items.
Try changing the send / receive values to something high and see how it goes.
Also, you could open some of the PST files and sort by size to see what sort of email item sizes you are dealing with.

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