How to stop apps from launching automatically upon startup – Mac

I had to ensure skype for Business running on my PC does not start automatically.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Click Users & Groups.
  • Click Login Items.
  • Select the app or apps you do not want to start automatically and
  • Click on the minus “-” symbol to remove the app(s).

Note: You can also configure your apps to launch automatically by clicking on the + button and browsing to the desired app.

When this is done, user log-off of the system is required to ensure the changes are applied.

Unable to connect to Wifi, Wifi Username/ Credential remembered on MAC (Eduroam)

In Windows, this is a little bit easier, but a little bit complicated on MAC.

I wanted to connect to Eduroam, but my previous credential (username) was always prompted even when I entered a new username and password.

I had to delete the SSL certificate from my keychain access and this worked. The reason might be the certificate has expired and unless you delete the old one, you may never be able to replace the old one. Here are the steps needed in administering SSL on MAC OS’.

From the Finder
- click Go 
- Click on Utilities 
- Click on KeyChain Access
This will open the Certificate Store as shown below
- In the left pane, 
- Click on the certificate that you wish to delete.
- In the menu bar, click on Edit 
- Click on Delete.

Note: You may be prompted for confirmation in order to complete the change by entering your password to modify the keychain.

After this step, you should be able to login with your new credentials without having any issues.

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Way to Remove Quick Access from Google Drive Online (Web)

Follow the steps below to disable quick access on Google Drive (online).

1. Log on to from your desktop browser.
2. Click on Settings Icon from top right side. 
3. Click Settings as shown below.
4. A Settings Pop up window will appear. 
5. Search for the Quick Access section that says “Make relevant files handy when you need them.” 
6. Uncheck it as shown in the image below.
Click Done from top-right corner and refresh your browser to see changes. It should be gone.