How to reset an XTM Firebox device

If your Firebox or XTM device has a configuration problem, or you just want to create a new configuration file for your XTM device, you can reset the device to its factory-default settings. For example, if you do not know the configuration passphrase, or if a power interruption causes damage to the Fireware XTM OS, you can use the Quick Setup Wizard to build your configuration again or restore a saved configuration.

After you perform this reset procedure:
– The XTM device is reset to factory default settings
For device models that have an LCD screen, the installed feature key is not removed when the device starts in safe mode

For device models that do not have an LCD screen, the installed feature key is removed when you reset the device.
All the Device Management accounts you added are removed, and only the default management user accounts are available, with the default passphrases.

Fireware XTM Web UI automatically starts the Web Setup Wizard when you connect to the XTM device with a web browser
– The XTM device is discoverable by the WSM Quick Setup Wizard
– The XTM device is discoverable as a new FireCluster member (if the device supports FireCluster)

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