Reset an XTM Firebox Device: Easy Guide

Reset an XTM Firebox Device

To Reset an XTM Firebox Device create a new XTM device setup, reset it to factory-default settings.

A helpful solution exists when the configuration passphrase is uncertain or a power interruption damages Fireware XTM OS. Use the Quick Setup Wizard as a resource, allowing you to rebuild configurations and effortlessly recover saved setups.

This feature ensures that unexpected issues, like forgotten passphrases or system disruptions, won’t leave you stranded. The Quick Setup Wizard is a valuable lifeline, allowing you to quickly regain control over your Firebox device’s configuration without unnecessary complications or downtime. With this safeguard in place, you can confidently navigate unforeseen challenges, maintaining the integrity of your network setup and minimizing any potential disruptions.

After you perform this reset procedure:
The XTM device resets to factory default settings, providing a clean slate for configuration adjustments.

Device models with an LCD screen keep the installed feature key when starting in safe mode.

For device models that do not have an LCD screen, the installed feature key is removed when you reset the device.
Resetting an XTM Firebox device clears added Device Management accounts, leaving default management users with their passphrases.

When you connect to the XTM device via a web browser, the Fireware XTM Web UI activates the Web Setup Wizard. This user-friendly feature streamlines the initial setup, enabling users to configure their XTM Firebox devices swiftly.

The Web Setup Wizard, featuring a user-friendly interface, guides users through key steps, configuring networks, security, and customization. The automated process enables individuals with limited technical expertise to set up their XTM Firebox device quickly. They can tailor it to meet their specific network requirements effectively.

– The XTM device is discoverable by the WSM Quick Setup Wizard
– The XTM device is discoverable as a new FireCluster member (if the device supports FireCluster)

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