How to Remove the All Apps Option from Windows Start Menu via GPO /Registry

Windows 10 the Start menu is so unique, modern and touch-friendly and gives the recently used programs along with other quick access options and the All Apps option.

Remove All Apps

When you click on the All Apps option from the Start menu, it will display all the installed apps on your system. To remove the “All Apps” option from the Start menu, follow these steps.

This can be done via the registry and group policy

For Group Policy Editor (GPO)
To start, press “Win + R,” to launch the run dialog box (or simply type run in the search window)

Windows Start Menu

-type gpedit.msc and press the Enter button.

Alternatively, you can also search for it in the Start menu. (by simple typing gpedit.msc, it will appear, just click on it to open).


Furthermore, Any of the methods above will open up the Group Policy Editor.
– Navigate to the User Configuration
– Administrative Templates
– Start Menu and Taskbar
– Search for and double-click on the policy “Remove All Programs list from the Start menu” appearing on the right panel to open the properties window.


Double click to open the Policy Properties window select the “Enabled” radio button, and
– Choose an option as you wish
– Click on the “Ok” button to save the changes.
This will show the policy is enabled.

To apply this policy immediately, launch the command prompt and type gpupdate /force

Remove All Apps

When completed, it will display the policy was successfully completed (applied)

Windows Start Menu

Alternatively, have the device restarted or sign out and sign in to your device again, This will apply the Settings and the All Apps option in the Start Menu will no longer be available.

To revert back, follow the steps above and select “Not configured” or “Disabled” in the Policy Properties window.

Do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using the above methods to remove or disable the All Apps option in the start menu.

To Remove the All Apps Option from Windows Start Menu via the Registry Settings

- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies
-  right-click on the key “Policies,” select “New” and then “key.”
will create a new blank key;
- Simply rename the key to “Explorer.”
After renaming, right-click on the right panel and then select the “New” option and then “DWORD (32-bit) Value” to create a new DWORD value.
- rename the newly-created value to “NoStartMenuMorePrograms,” and press the Enter button.
- You will have to change the value set, by default, this is set to the Value Data “0;”. This needs to change. To accomplish this;
- Double-click on the newly-created value to open the Value window.
- Enter the new value data as “1,” and click on the “Ok” button to save the changes.
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