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How to create and delete a DHCP reservation in Windows Server 2019

create DHCP reservation

Sometimes you may need to reserve an IP address for a workstation or a device from your DHCP pool. Administrators can easily configure a DHCP reservation in their DHCP server when they need to reserve a permanent IP address. A DHCP reservation is a permanent IP address assignment. It is a specific IP address within a DHCP scope that is permanently reserved for leased use to a specific DHCP client. For more on DHCP Console Icons Reference.

Create and delete a DHCP reservation in Windows

Reservations are used for DHCP-enabled devices like print and file servers or other application servers that always have a fixed IP address on the network. A reservation consists of the following information.

Reservation nameName that the administrator assigns
IP AddressThe IP address from the scope for the client
MAC AddressClient’s Media Access Control(MAC) address
SupportedDHCP reservation, Boot Protocol (BOOTP), or both
DescriptionThe description that the administrator assigns

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To configure a DHCP Reservation, follow the steps below.
– The steps in configuring DHCP reservation in Windows Server 2019 is similar to other versions of Windows.
– If you’ve heard of static IP addresses before, this is very similar. Since you manage it all from the DHCP Server.

Step 1: Open the DHCP Manger console from the Server Manager

delete DHCP reservation

This will open the DHCP console. In the console tree,
Step 2: Click reservations

Windows Server 2019

Right-Click on the reservation and
– Click on New Reservation as shown below

DHCP reservation management

Step 4: In the new reservation dialog box, provide the values for the following fields:
– Reservation name.
– IP address.
– MAC address (without hyphens).
– Description.

Under supported types, select one of the following options:
– Both

When you have completed the details, in the new reservations dialog box,
– Click on add and then on close.

To add another Reservation, follow the same procedure as shown above
– You can add a lot of reservations as you want.

Windows Server 2019

Now we have our serverations created as shown below

Verifying the DHCP Reservation (create and delete a DHCP reservation in Windows)

– For more information on these commands, see DNS Error: How to fix Err Connection Timed Out Error.
On the Print Server, release the server IP address at the command prompt with the ipconfig/release command.


On the DHCP Server, from the DHCP console under address leases, verify that the reservation displays as inactive.

Furthermore, On the Print Server, renew the client’s IP address at the command prompt with the ipconfig/renew command.


On the DHCP Server, in the DHCP console under address leases, verify that the reservation displays as active.

Delete a Reservation
– To delete a DHCP reservation, simply right-click on your desired reservation and hit the delete button

In the DHCP confirmation Windows, click on Yes

That is all that is required to create and delete a DHCP reservation.

I hope you found this blog post on how to create and delete a DHCP reservation in Windows helpful. Please let me know in the comment session if you have any questions.

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