The PA Server Monitor review and product details

Server monitoring software

The Power Admin Server Monitor is a POWERFUL network monitoring software developed by Power Admin LLC. The tool was built to monitor the performance of servers and network devices in Windows and Linux environments. The PA Server Monitor is relatively very easy to download and configure. I urge you to try out the fully-functional 30-day trial to see how it works in your environment. The software can be downloaded from the following link. Please refer to this guide on how to download, install, and configure PA Server Monitor.

Data Security: With the PA Server Monitor, be rest assured that none of your data or customer information will be sent to the cloud.

The PA Server Monitor Architecture and Layout

Furthermore, As you can see from the figure below, the PA Server Monitor will be installed on a dedicated server or workstation and, therefore, referred to as a central monitoring service. However, This monitoring service can monitor devices and themselves on the local network.

Also, no agent must be downloaded or installed on your remote devices. Therefore, no maintenance whatsoever is needed or version updates on your remote devices.

PA Server Monitor features

What are the Remote Capabilities of the PA Server Monitor

In addition to monitoring servers and devices on the local network (on-premise). Moreover, the Ultra editions of PA Server Monitor can also monitor remote servers and devices, corporate firewalls across the Internet without needing a VPN.

In addition, This is accomplished by installing a Satellite Monitoring Service on a single server or workstation at the remote site. Nonetheless, The Satellite will monitor itself and the devices installed at the remote site. Consequently, Alerts and monitoring data will be returned to the Central Monitoring Service via SSL-encrypted HTTP.

PA Server Monitor Key features
– Does not require an agent to be installed (agentless monitoring).
– Servers or network monitoring in remote networks.
– PA Server Monitor uses standard protocols to monitor Windows, Linux, and other network devices.
–  Web-based reporting.
– Similarly, No scripts or configuration files are required.
– Effortless Server update/upgrade.
– Easy to use management console.
– Nevertheless, Performs these checks: Ping, CPU, memory, disk, SNMP + traps, Event Logs, services, etc as shown below

PA Server Monitor pricing

PA Server Monitor Additional features

Below are some more features of the PA Server Monitor!

  • Effortless installation: Takes less than 8 minutes to install and configure.
  • PA Server Monitor runs as a service and lets you interact with a console and a system service that is started when the computer boots up and runs in the background.
  • Monitor aspects of a VMWare ESX host server.
  • With the help of this feature “Smart Configuration”, you can easily copy and paste a list of servers or IP addresses into a list and let PA Server Monitor inspect and self-configure each device. You can also copy the configuration from one configured server to one.
  • PA Server Monitor for iPhone and Android let you stay up to date even when you are away. – Inventory: Collect and report on hardware and system inventory of the monitored servers and devices.
  • The PA Server Monitor uses an embedded SQLite database, but you can use an external Microsoft SQL Server.

It is worth noting that, the PA Server Monitor has a very good support team that can be reached via E-mail, Telephone, or Support Forum as we can see below. Kindly use this link to contact the PowerAdmin team.

For Pricing: The PA Server Monitor is cost-effective. There is a free version that I highly recommend you to test out in your environment. See the Pricing page for more details.

See this guide for a detailed comparison of PA Server Monitor to other competition: PA Server Monitor beats the competition in power, robustness, and ease of use.

Here are some other advanced features of the PA Server Monitor

  • Alerts via email etc.
  • Built-in automatic failover
  • Event deduplication
  • Event escalation
  • Distributed / remote monitoring without VPN
  • RDP (connect) to monitored servers without needing a VPN
  • Per-server maintenance schedules
  • Bulk Configuration
  • HTTPS for all connections

To crown this up, I would say, I have not seen a complete monitoring tool that is agentless and capable of monitoring windows, Linux, and network devices all at once. The PA Server Monitor has a flexible pricing model, the prices are reasonable and the customer service is amazing.

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