How to setup Cisco ASA – wipe old configurations

If the device (ASA) is not purchased as a new device, the best practice is to wipe the old configurations.

Part A:These are the steps below:
Step 1: Erase the configuration of the ASA

CiscoASA#write erase

or simply

CiscoASA# wr er

Step 2: Reload the ASA without confirmation

CiscoASA# reload noconfirmation

Step 3: Now apply Cisco default configuration
– Note: this is necessary to have a configuration in the flash memory since we have cleared it previously

CiscoASA# config factory-default
Never do this in a production environment

Step 4: Save the configuration

CiscoASA# wr

Part B: To configure the Cisco ASA using Cisco ASDM
Step 1: On your favourite web browser, run the management IP Address “

Step 2: click on run Startup Wizard.
Now you can configure the hostname, password, DHCP (if you wish to use it as a DHCP Server) etc.

Step 3: Enable Network Address Translation (NAT)/ Port Address Translation (PAT) in order for the internal network to use you configured public address.

Note: Private IP Address are not routable over the internet.

Step 4: Enable the ASDM logging.
This is option but very handy as it allows for troubleshooting when the need arises.

Step 5: I think for me its vital to enable the preview mode in order
to be able to view the configuration before deploying it.

– Click on Tools
– Click on preferences
– under communication and select “preview commands before sending it to the device”

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