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How to Perform Continuous Ping in Different Environments

For Windows: Continuous ping can be realised in the following ways. Open command Prompt and type the command ‘ping’ followed by the IP Address and followed by ‘-t’ flag

Ping -t 
ping -t 

For Mac OSX: By default, this is continuous as shown below. Just type ping following by the IP or FQDN

Ping or Ping

Perform Continuous Ping in Different Environments

Performing Continuous Ping

Note: If this is also not continuous by default, simple run it this way for MacOSX


For Linux: This is also continuous by default. Simply type as shown below


High count rate can also be indicated for a long period of time. See example below. This example will ping  about 333 times.

ping -c 333

If this continuous ping does not work by default, there is probably an alias for the ping command which is changing the way you invoke the ping utility.
Solution: Find where the ping command is using the command below.

which ping

Next call the ping program from the path and it should be continuous.


For Juniper: This is by default as well. Simply run 


For Cisco Devices: Ranging from ASA, Switches, and Router, continuous ping is not possible but can be repeated as shown below

ping repeat 333

If this repeat command does not work, simple enter the ping command and should the help function along side. 

Stopping and killing ping session is down as down below in most environments

ctrl + c
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