How to export and import User Profile – FrontFace Lockdown Tool


The steps to have this done is very straight forward using the FrontFace Lockdown Tool.

Firstly ensure the right user account is selected as shown below.


– Click on the export button as shown above. This will open the save as window as shown below
– Enter the desired file name to save and the right location to save the file.

User Profile

Note: Before proceeding with the next steps, ensure the following prerequisites are met.
– For a local user account test, ensure this user is first created on the new device and has logged-in previously.
– For a Domain user account, ensure the user has logged in previously as well as shown below.

FrontFace Lockdown Tool

Next, sign-out and then sign in with your management account.

On the new device,
– Apply the Interactive Kiosk Terminal Profile


This will prompt you to restart your device, you can restart your device (terminal).

For me, I will perform other tasks here before restarting the device.
– Run the FrontFace Lockdown Tool and import the user settings.

If successful, it will prompt you that the profile has been successfully imported as shown below.

Next, click on apply and select the user account you want the settings to apply to.

– Click on ok

This will prompt the window below stating that some changes were made and hat you should restart.

For more information. See
– For other steps on how to migrate a user profile, see

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