How to configure the FrontFace Lockdown Tool


FrontFace helps protect and lockdown devices targeted for kiosk terminal or for Digital Signage applications.

Note: before you proceed, ensure you create a user account (If you will be testing with a local user account) and log on the system. This can be a local or domain user account type. Before usage of this tool, please take a look at the license agreement

FrontFace Lockdown Tool

Next, log into the workstation (PC) with this newly created account. This software works with both domain users and local accounts correctly.

I would recommend that you the newly created account dedicated for the Kiosk mode to sign in first before proceeding with this configuration. The Tool can be downloaded from here for free


Run the Application to have the program installed on your PC.
When installed, you will be prompted with the User interface of the FrontFace Lockdown Tool as shown below.


Note: Depending on your usecase, you will have to load either the

  • Digital Signage Player PC or
  • Interactive Kiosk Terminal as shown below.

I will select the Interactive Kiosk Terminal and click on Load Profile.
This will let you know if the profile was successful or not.

FrontFace Lockdown Tool

– Remember to click on apply in order to have your profile saved.

Configuration options: Here are the various configuration options available in the FrontFace Lockdown Tool.

  • Automatic logon without password
  • Facilitate Auto Logon Override
  • Prevent Auto Logon Override
  • Do not show user names on Windows logon screen
  • Autostart of an application (either a custom application or FrontFace can be selected)
  • Alternatively: Execution of a custom application as “shell replacement” (instead of the normal Windows taskbar) for maximum security
  • Restart Windows Shell Automatically
  • Programmable, automatic daily shutdown
  • Programmable, automatic daily reboot
  • Direct boot to Desktop (Windows 8)

Further features of this tool are listed in the image below.


On the Setup and Shutdown page: Here ensure the Kiosk user account is select as shown below.


Next, click on Apply as shown below and select the user account the profile will be associated to

FrontFace Lockdown Tool

Note the following; here I am applying the profile to a different user account

  • When you chose okay, this will start the creation of a system restore point because I selected the checkbox above. This is optional and can be left unchecked.

Here the auto start Program is very vital.
– Select custom and
– Browse to the application as shown below


After this step will prompt you to enter the Auto logon password.

When this is entered, a pop-up screen will be displayed showing that the information was entered correctly. As shown below.

Continuous Operation: Here are the features non-stop Operation Mode

  • Activation of the high-performance energy profile (disables standby mode)
  • Disable Power Button (to Turn Off PC)
  • Disabling the “turn screen black” feature
  • Disabling the screensaver
  • Disable Windows Notification Center
  • Disabling automatic Windows Updates
  • Setting the background color of the Desktop to black
  • Hide Blue Screens
  • Disable Autorun/Autoplay
  • Disable WPF hardware acceleration
  • Enable the Windows Tablet Mode
  • Adjust Scrollbar Size for Touch Input
  • Enable Windows On-Screen Keyboard
  • Disable Cameras
  • Mute any audio output
  • Mute any Windows system sounds
  • Disable Windows error reporting
  • Disable Windows Feedback (Windows 10)
  • Disable Windows Search

Below are the settings I applied to make this work

Note: Ensure you apply these settings before proceeding to avoid forgetting it.

Protection and Lock-Down: Here are the features associated with the Protection and Lock-Down of the Windows Operating System:

  • Enabling the Windows firewall
  • Locking the Windows task manager
  • Preventing that a user can change the password
  • Disabling common features such as “lock”, “shutdown”, “log off”, “reboot” or changing the current user
  • Disabling the Windows system tray
  • Disabling the Windows key on the keyboard as well as the CTRL+ALT+DEL keyboard shortcut
  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Disable Windows Telemetry (Windows 10)
  • Disable Sticky Keys
  • Disable all USB Storage Devices
  • Hide/Deactivate Drives

This is for test only; ensure to select the options that apply to you.

Ensure to restart the device. The system will prompt you and if this was not restarted at that time. Ensure you initiate a restart on your own

Note:  You can also use the FrontFace Lockdown Tool to have your device restarted or use the command line prompt as shown below.

After reboot, the kiosk mode settings apply with the application in full mode and all other functionalities hidden as shown below.

Further settings available for the administration of your kiosk device, here are the settings available.

  • Under System Information, the following administration is possible.

They are self-explanatory. Click on any of the utility to run it.

An example here is the Event-viewer as shown below

For More information, see

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