How to track your device performance and health via Windows Security in Windows 10

track device performance

Windows Security previously known as Windows Defender Security Center is a great start to see that your Windows 10 device is running smoothly. This helps to keep your device secure, Windows Security monitors your device for security issues and provides a health report, which appears on the Device performance & health page.

The Health report alerts you to common issues with your system and offers recommendations to remedy them.
– Under Windows Security, Device performance & health helps you keep your devices refreshed and up to date. Device health advisor keeps tabs on your Windows 10 device and gives you recommendations to avoid issues with your storage, battery, device drivers, or Windows Update.

Device performance tracking via Windows Security in Windows 10

Below are the steps to track your device performance and health in Windows Security
– Search for Windows Security as shown below from the Start Menu through the Cortana search bar as shown below

Windows Security

This will open the Windows security as shown below.
– Click on Device performance & health

Windows 10

Upon clicking on the Device & health, This will open up the Health report Window as shown below.

device health

Device performance & health also includes “Fresh start,” which is a feature that refreshes your device by re-installing and updating Windows 10.

Note: Microsoft has important warnings for new Windows 10 users to know before you use Fresh start. See this guide for how to perform a Fresh Start installation on Windows 10.

A fresh start is necessary for situations where your Windows 10 device has serious performance issues or is cluttered with too many unnecessary apps.

I hope you found this blog post on device performance tracking via Windows Security in Windows 10 helpful. Please let me know in the comment session if you have any questions.

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