Veles Software: MPA Tools Review and Product Details

Veles Software MPA Tools

Veles software is an innovative and leading provider of technology solutions for IT professionals and focuses on developing tools such as the MPA-Tools etc., to help improve IT businesses’ operations and processes thereby increasing productivity. Veles Software is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and since 2008 served many clients around the globe. MPA Tools is a fully-featured IT Management Software designed to serve your IT needs. It helps simplify and improve IT administration tasks and minimizes problem resolution time for IT professionals. Below is the Graphical User Interface of the MPA-Tools. Kindly refer to the following guide on how to install and configure MPA Tools.

The installation and discovery process is very fast. For how to install and configure MPA-Tools, kindly visit this link. It has a very unique and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).

MPA Tools Review and Product Details

MPA Tools Dashboard
Below are some features of the MPA Tools in a glance. 
- Reporting capability
- Troubleshooting
- Device management and troubleshooting
- Patch Management
- Compliance Management
- Remote Administration
- Admin Tasks Automation
- User Logs Management
- File Tree Troubleshooting
- Auditing (Audit Trail)
- Access Controls/Permissions
- SCCM client and collection Management
- Software Inventory
- Diagnostic Tools (Diagnostic Testing)
- Server Monitoring
- Device Auto Discovery
- Multi-Platform

It is worth nothing that the MPA tool combines AI logic and task automation to help IT Professionals manage their IT infrastructure in an efficient manner.

  • MPA Tool integrates with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Azure Active Directory, Active Directory and Intune. This enables you to monitor remote devices from Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, Intune, SCCM.
  • It offers event logs, hardware inventory, patch management, and remote access capability.
  • Furthermore, MPA Tools simplifies and improves IT infrastructure administration tasks and minimises problem resolution time for HelpDesk, DeskSide, and System Administrators. Below are some of the features of this magnificent tool.
  • MPA Tools enables remote administration of tasks thereby improving consistency and reliability while simultaneously relieving personnel of tedious manual tasks.
  • MPA Tools help IT System Administrators in gathering detailed information about the environment (workstations / servers) they administer and thus help in troubleshooting these devices in a timely manner.
  • The MPA Tools also make it easy for users to compare device configurations so that troubleshooting can be performed much more quickly.

Note: MPA Tools also do not require to have an agent on remote computers to work. It is quite simple to use and do not require to perform any special installation steps. Please take a look at this link for some minimal requirements needed for the MPA Tool to work. Below are some features of the MPA Tool in one console with the ability to manage your Windows devices. The MPA Tool can be download from the following link, you will be will this tool just as I do.

MPA Tools pricing is available in the following plans, “MPA Tools Pricing Packages (Perpetual Model) and the “MPA Tools Pricing Packages (Subscription Model). They have a flexible pricing model and is reasonable.

Below are the MPA Tools Pricing Packages (Perpetual Model). Click on the following nofollow link to get detailed pricing quotes and payment methods.

MPA Tools Pricing Packages
Perpetual Model
MPA Tools Pricing Packages
Perpetual Model

Also, to inquire more information about any of Veles Software’s product offerings, kindly contact them via the following contact page on their web page.

MPA Tools technical support details.

  • Devices Support: Windows
  • Language Support: English
  • Deployment Type: On-premise with integration capabilities as described above.

Available Support: The MPA Tools has amazing customer service and they can be reached via the following Email ( You can also reach them directly from the MPA Tools console by clicking on the Support Menu and this will automatically open up the support home page

I hope you found this blog post on MPA Tools Review and Product Details helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment session.

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