How to configure WatchGuard WebCenter

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When you configure WatchGuard WebCenter, you unlock a dynamic, interactive, real-time web UI application. With just a click, seamlessly navigate pages, access detailed log messages, reports, and certificate management.

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Note: Installing the Configure WatchGuard WebCenter log server, management, or report server automatically installs WatchGuard WebCenter. WatchGuard WebCenter tool is a web-based user interface with tools for viewing logs and reports.

  • Log Manager
  • Report Manager
  • CA Manager

And this enables log messages to appear at the local time of the client’s PC.

Note: If you decide to implement WatchGuard log server alone, the associated log manager appears in the WebCenter and reports cannot be generated as the report manager menu would not be available.

Enabling Log Message Viewing and Reporting in WatchGuard WebCenter

You can optionally Configure WatchGuard WebCenter to enable users to view log messages. These messages are converted to reports that can be reviewed for security needs.

Note: WatchGuard WebCenter offers ‘Available Reports’ scheduled for specific times and ‘On-demand Reports’ generated instantly.

  • And these settings are all configured in the WatchGuard firebox or XTM environment.
  • First, add users to the WatchGuard server center page to enable them to view reports on the Web UI.

For further permissions in restricting which users can see specific menus, use the WebCenter role-based administration.

Lastly, ensure that you enable JavaScript for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

I hope you find the post on Configure WatchGuard WebCenter helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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