How to install and configure Microsoft Teams on Ubuntu


With Office 365, Microsoft has created its most collaborative platform yet. Microsoft Teams has been available for Linux users since 2019. This program is well-known around the world since it allows users to employ an endless number of features in a single forum. Audio and video calls, chats, online meetings, file and data collaboration, extensibility tools, and much more are among Microsoft Teams’ most noteworthy features. Whether you have a small or large company, once Microsoft Teams is deployed, you will be able to accomplish the project swiftly and efficiently. This article will teach you why you should install Microsoft teams and how to install Microsoft teams on Ubuntu. Other useful articles can be found here: How to install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu, How to Install Apache OpenOffice on Ubuntu, How to install and configure Tripwire on Ubuntu/, How to install Node.js on Ubuntu, Squid Proxy: How to setup and configure a Proxy Server, How to implement SAMBA (SMB) file shares for Servers and Clients


  • Saves time: One of Microsoft Teams’ best features is right there in its name. According to Microsoft, the app is a “center for teamwork” that “brings together chat, meetings, calling, Office 365 apps, and third-party tools, all in one location. “Teams reveal and leverage functionalities that let a distributed team work together better by connecting together several Microsoft 365 applications in one specific location to work smart and save time.
  • File sharing: Microsoft has improved the file-sharing experience in Teams, which benefits both employees who want to collaborate with the least amount of friction and IT companies who want to keep data secure. Users can generate “a shared link for any file saved in Teams and directly specify the relevant permissions” with this functionality. Users can grant access to persons both inside and outside their organization when sharing a file from within Teams. If recipients don’t have permission to see the file, they’ll be notified and can adjust the permissions accordingly.
  • Video meetings: One of the numerous advantages of Microsoft Teams for distant work is improved video meetings. Microsoft released a number of Teams upgrades to make meetings more efficient and simpler as video conferencing became a feature of life throughout the pandemic.
  • History menu: Context switching is a performance crusher, Teams eliminate the need to switch between apps, tasks, and projects by combining powerful Microsoft 365 features into a single interface. The new History menu for Teams desktop clients enhances this feature by allowing users to rapidly return to areas they’ve previously been, including as “activities, channels, discussions, tabs, files, apps, and just about anywhere else you can go in Teams.”
  • Collaboration: Even though many firms used Microsoft Teams prior to the Coronavirus outbreak as a messaging and meeting tool, we all know that the benefits of Microsoft Teams go much beyond that. According to Microsoft, the key to maximizing its collaboration skills is to “move beyond transactional meetings and focus on the flow of work.”

Microsoft Teams can be installed using the command line interface and also using GUI, we shall be looking at how to install both of these, starting with the CLI method first


  • Ubuntu 20.04 system
  • User with Sudo privileges

Step 1: Download Microsoft Teams

You’ll need to get the Microsoft Teams. Deb package first.


Step2: Install Microsoft Teams

Now, use the following command to install it:

 sudo dpkg -i teams_1.3.00.16851_amd64.deb

When requested for a password, enter sudo password, and the installation will begin.


Step 3: Launch Microsoft Teams

launch Microsoft Teams using the following command in Terminal:


What I did was I went to my list of apps and I searched for teams

teams installed

After you’ve launched it, you’ll see something like this. To log in, enter your email address and then your password.

signing in

Install Microsoft Teams Using Software Install (GUI)

 Follow the steps below to install Microsoft Teams through the graphical method.

Step 1: Download Microsoft Teams

Download the Microsoft Teams .deb package from the official website. You can do so by opening the following link in your web browser.

gui download

Select the Save File radio button and press OK

teams downloaded

Step 2: Install Microsoft Teams

Go to the Downloads directory. Find the downloaded Microsoft Teams package and right-click it. By doing so, a menu will appear, select Open with Software Install.


This will install the application. You can choose to extract as shown below it to read the documentation.

extract teams

This shows that teams have been successfully installed on your Linux computer.



You learnt how to install Microsoft Teams using the GUI and the Terminal in this tutorial. Microsoft Teams is a huge platform that allows many people from the same company to collaborate on little and large projects as a team.

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