How to recover backup via N2WS Veeam Cloud Protection Manager (CPM)

As shown in the Image below, backup instances can easily be recovered. This method is far efficient than using mere AMI as backup as this will ensure all instance configurations are retained except the EIP which is not possible to be attached within a VPC when launching a new instance.

Note: For your information, since this is incremental, the first backup will usually take longer.
– Next select instance as I wish to recover the whole instance as shown below

Which will prompt the Instance Recovery Window
– Enter all necessary information as shown below and this may differ from your scenario

And this will prompt you to confirm performing Recovery Operations.
– Select Okay.  The green status showing the successful recovery operation launched

Now Open the resource Monitor to view the progress

Note: From the log, this failed because the same private IP Address of the server been backup is still in use.
– Therefore, this goal is successful. And I performed using a dummy device and it worked.


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